Dear Friends,

Wow 2008! We saw God at work: In new decisions, rededications, commitments and discipleship; from the kitchen table to church, from the jobsite to community groups and from a motorcycle to many “random” connections. We saw blessing and heartbreak, rejoicing and morning, transformation and loss, comfort, healing, new hope, forgiveness and reconciliation. We watched God at work in lives around us.

We are now serving with Agape Gospel Mission in Ghana, West Africa. We will be departing in mid February 2009. AGM has been in West Africa since 1983 and God has planted over 150 churches in 7 nations as a result of this wonderful work. There are 3 Bible colleges in operation and 67 AGM bible schools. One of the primary methods of outreach in the community is life on life, relational evangelism. God has grown this ministry, through the pioneering work of Rick & Donna Whitcomb, who also oversee the AGM children’s home orphanage. There are currently 90 adopted children at the home, all of whom are biological orphans. They have lost both parents and have no relatives to help. There are thousands of children like these in Ghana. As we join in this work, one of the things we will help with is the construction of the Agape Children’s Home Academy, K through 12th grade school. Please ask God how He may lead you to partner in this work, which we believe is His work.

Evangelizing the lost…Embracing the poor…Empowering the church

God has provided approx 50% of the monthly support needed to sustain us over time. Between the funds in our ministry account and our monthly partner’s contributions, we believe that God is providing for this next season in Ghana. We are convinced that God would have us to serve with the resources He has currently provided, and we are to trust Him with future needs, so “we go”.

Please pray for us:
• That we will serve in humility, with His love and His heart. Mathew 4:19
• Protection and loving relationships for our family when we are away. Acts 16:31
• That God would empower us for His service. John 15:16
• That all whom God has chosen, would come to Him, and grow in good soil.
Not just decisions in Ghana, but disciples. Mathew 28:19

Thank you for your continued faithfulness to God and your partnership with us.
We are grateful to God and to you for the privilege of serving with you, sent into the world through your sacrifice and commitment to Christ. Acts 13:2-3

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” 1 Corinthians 12:27

Gary & Siham

As for God, His way is perfect Psalm 18:10

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