Afi-shia paa,
Happy new year!
Oafee co be-tu ye,
May it come around again!

Nyame insha-rau,
God Bless YOU!
We have planned, prayed, prepared – planned & prayed some more,,, and,,, God has once again reminded us that “we write our plans in pencil and let God have the eraser.”
The U.S.M.C. taught us the 7 p’s; “prior proper planning prevents pitiful poor performance!” God says, “prepare the horse for battle, but the battle belongs to the Lord.”
We are continuing to learn to hold our plans loosely!

Since Christmas God has been working and moving around us in His amazing ways. Of course God is always working, it is we who don’t always recognize God’s activity, accept His invitation to join Him, or hear “the still small voice”.

In these recent weeks, God has taken us to Kumasi and Bolgatanga 3 times, 4 conferences, numerous teaching and speaking environments, Mike & Lillian Smith came & served for 12 days, 29 of us traveled, served and lived together in Bolga for one of the conferences, Food provision/relief to Katanga school children, A team of pastors from the U.S. went up to Bolga and met some of our friends & partners. we replaced car engine-again, God has used both our U.S. & Ghanaian friends & partners to serve and provide in amazing ways, etc…
Thank you for giving, praying and serving with us. We believe that God has touched and transformed many lives in these recent days!
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CYI Camp/Conference
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Friday with our dear CYI:
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Saturday night:       Kumasi Fufu with guinea fowl stew is excellent!
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Kumasi, With Pastor Peter and Church family:
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On the long-hard road to Bolga, when all else fails get the hammer!   A hard working sister sympathizes with our situation, how humbling!
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A Cool story:
 A gas station mixed diesel and petrol fuels and it spoiled (ruined) our engine. We went to the station with our friend Norman to plead our case, they gave us 1,500 Ghana Cedi’s towards a used engine. Our friend Norman added 500 GHC totaling 2,000 GHC ($1,200.00 U.S.) That same day we went to Abusokai – the engine/car part grave yard/market of Ghana. We found, tested and transported the engine the same day. The next day we installed it. The performance was not so good, so we removed it. Over the course of a week, from before sunrise until after sundown; we shopped, bargained, transported, removed and installed 3 engines and then 2 turbo and fuel pumps on the final engine we now have. Each vendor received, reimbursed, traded engines and parts no questions asked. Gods favor encouraged and sustained us through the process. For the station to give the money was a gift from God. For the various vendors to also honor our agreements was another gift of God’s grace and favor in the midst of a tough situation & process
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The men – gary’s friends & brothers worked so hard & diligently. We were able to pay 1500 GHC for the engine and bless them for their hard work and sacrifice.
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During this time and process it seems that God used it to accelerate our cultural and language understanding. Of course we have only scratched the surface and have so much to learn. The language skills alone have proven invaluable and fruitful in recent weeks. God is allowing us to connectwith our brothers and sisters in a deeper way.
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The day we finished the engine work Mike, Lillian & Life care arrived in Ghana!
Mike was happy to be here — but Lillian — seems reallyhappy to be here! More to come,,,
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In Him, gary & siham

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Jan. 2012

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