Dear friends & Family,
We just returned from Kumasi and Bolgatanga in the north

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On the way to a weekend program in Kumasi,,, couple of hrs before the start.
 Thank God, we made it on time,,,
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and had a great time with  – God & Family!
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Our grand daughter Lyric’s 13th birthday!
# 7 grandchild is on the way,,, Beginning of Jan.      YEAH GOD!
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In and around Bolgatanga,,,
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In Him – Brothers & Sisters!
the “Christian Life“, the lifestyle of a “follower of Jesus”,,,  is all about,,, relationships!
Relationships with God – other followers and those who don’t know God yet.
                                                                                                                     Simple and beautiful!
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Siham & Mavis, Pastor Roberts wife, our sister and dear friend.
  gary & John with motorcycle that God provided through You.
Pastors Robert & John,  our dear brother Ben.
We Thank God and we thank You!
 love & blessings,
 gary & siham

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July 2012

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