Hello from Ghana,

Tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 1 we are traveling back to northern Ghana. Six of us (3 of our Ghanaian friends, an American student and the 2 of us) are going back to Bolgatanga. We will work with an orphanage; bringing food relief, some construction projects, and ministry with the children. One of the projects is a provision store that we plan to finish and stock, in the hopes that the home can sustain some income. A visiting Pastor from the U.S. whom we traveled north with, donated funds for this project and for a water well. We also hope to make more contacts and survey for community water wells on this trip.

Please pray for our friend George Achibra, he was badly injured in a severe auto accident early Monday Morning. He was traveling to the Accra area, we were scheduled to meet and discuss the work in the North Volta region. In this Tro – Tro accident, 6 people died and many more injured. When we saw him in the hospital, it was like a military triage, wounded people nearly covering the floors, waiting to be attended to. We got to know George and his work on the previous trip north. He works against child slavery and trafficking in Volta. They run a safe house/orphanage. We witnessed human tragedy and injustice in this area, and were greatly encouraged by George and his family, as they all work together, and the good work they are doing in rescuing these children. It is in our hearts to help this ministry and to help finish their incomplete, unusable school building. Please pray for George, His recovery, work in the Lord.

Please pray for safety, effectiveness in this outreach and that the children will experience God’s love in new ways. We are working through, or should we say waiting through some vehicle and money stuff right now. Please pray for God’s hand on everything.

Photos from previous trip to northern Ghana,

Please pray for us and those we are going to serve on this next trip

In Him,

Gary & Siham


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Northern Ghana – Trip 2 Planned

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