We returned from our 2nd trip to Bolgatanga in the most Northern part of Ghana. On day 1, we spent over 5 hours broken down, it was a 2 day journey. When we arrived we found that the food at the home was finished. 1st thing was a trip to the market. It was wonderful to be with the children again, many of them without any family in this world. The love, teamwork and family environment in the home is remarkable. We were able to address many electrical issues in the home, complete the store bldg, stock it and see it opened. Please pray with us that God would bless it and the home will have some sustainable income.

God led us to give beyond the initial plan, and to give all that we had while in Bolga. We returned, trusting,,,yet not knowing,,,we received notice of some gifts that were given. Thank you Lord! Thank you all.

More to come about the trip.

In Him,

Gary & Siham

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Northern Ghana – Trip 2

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