Thank you for all of your prayers and support, we continue to be amazed by our Lord and by you. Please continue to pray for us and those we are serving, may His will be done in our lives and the lives around us, ” not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

A week ago, gary made the journey up to Keta Kratchi to join in the work/fight against child trafficking and slavery. He is reaching out to the community and building at the village of life children’s home. Please pray for “fruit that will last”. Siham went to Tema (approx 12-14 hrs south) and is living and serving at the safe house there. She is with 23 children. Siham and the kids are doing well, she is a bit isolated, please pray for her. God willing, siham will join gary in Kratchi in approx. 1 more week.

Pictured Below: Rescued children; happy and beautiful, “The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”; playing the drum (on his back); school, work, play, lunch time; New school bldg; Eager helpers

“The kingdom of heaven is now”.

working hard, making friends, building for eternity.

“Unless you become as little children”, you won’t, really get it, have it or experience it; the reality and freedom of God in Jesus!

Please pray about getting involved in this good work; sponsoring the children, giving towards the construction of the campus, volunteer teaching, coming out to see and experience what God is doing here and how He may invite you to join Him in His work. “I came to seek and to save what was lost.”
God bless you,
In Him,
gary & siham

“The Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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