Dear Friends,We arrived back in Bolgatanga last night. We Thank God for carrying us as always; record time, no break downs, 13.5 hrs.
Pastors Solomon, Robert, Clement, Emanuel, John & Evans have been working and organizing for a 3 day gathering – fellowship – celebration, starting tomorrow on good Friday. People and churches from surrounding villages and communities are coming to Katanga, arriving even as we are writing tonight. We will live together in the church, under the tree and at Katanga Church member’s homes for the next few days. Tomorrow night after a community dinner, we plan to watch Mel Gibsons Passion of Christ on the outdoor screen.

Please pray with us for the family of believers to experience and share Love & Unity, and for many hearts to turn to Christ!


Motorcycle for Solomon: Vehicle of choice in the North. Loaded on top of car, not as easy as it looks.  $850.00 U.S. including tax. Praise God!


“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,,,”


Our dear friend Jenan’s brother Jehad & his Father Norman donated many new aluminum pots & pans for our friends in the north.
They are Lebanese – Ghanaians, they are wonderful, we love them and thank God for them.



The community at Katanga has built a local mud/brick –  kitchen/cooking bldg for the school.

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The floor is made with pounded cow dung which is what most local floors are done with, it becomes almost as hard as concrete. They are now praying for roofing sheets as they are donating their labor but struggling for finances.



Clements Church in a neighboring community; local style bldg with no roof for a few years now.

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His smile and heart are contagious.

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small area in the unfinished church bldg for some shade.




A few of the children from Clement’s community and church.

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Clement  makes and sells baskets to support himself and the church.  Please pray for him.


Today we are overwhelmed – weeping. Today our hearts are broken and aching for our friends and their needs. Today we are overwhelmed with compassion and with Gods love,
today we are under-whelmed with ourselves!

In His love,
gary & siham

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April – Bolgatanga

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