Dear Friends,We thank God that the NGO (Non Profit/Non Gov. Org,) has been established and granted in Ghana. It is called, Building For Eternity Foundation.

The Calvary West Africa Bible College is currently in a rented house. The school also has church on Sundays.
We are praying, planning and hoping to build a campus and church with the Bible college.
As part of the message/graduation we washed the feet of the graduates.  The major themes were:  “Sent to Serve”  –  “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.” (John 8:31)
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Jacob is the first to enter into community service/internship. He is now serving and teaching in the Katanga Church/school with Solomon. We are now working towards accreditation/registration for the school. One our friends from home fellowship in Accra donated for the first 6 families in Katanga to receive health insurance. A mother & child are insured for $15.00 and about $3.50 for each additional child. There are now 16 new families insured.

Upcoming projects, needs and prayer: – 3 partner churches

With pastor Clement receiving the blessing of the Chief of Zourango, his Children & great grandchildren for the presence of the church (only a few represented as he has 18 children). The chief is 105 years old. He asked us if someone could come and record all that he knows of his people and land, and all the he has seen. If any of you writer/journalist’s are interested please let us know.

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Pastor John with his Bible in hand above. This church is growing and has many children. God willing we are going to help them build the roof in June.
The team of churches plan help and serve each other.

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Pastor Evans and some of the church family. This borrowed bldg is the current church meeting place for 40 -50. This brother has similar eye condition as siham, much more progressed.
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Pastor Evans had not talked to us about his leg, hardship or suffering. Solomon and the other brothers told us that he has endured more resistance and persecution than any of them.
We asked him to tell us about his leg and asked if we could take photos. He walks or rides a bike many miles on a regular basis, often daily.

We have partnered with 7 pastors/Churches in this new assoc.
“The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts, and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.”
“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”

A dear couple who are friends and partners, donated $2,000.00 towards constructing Clement’s church roof. YEAH GOD!!!  God willing, in early June, “we go” for this work!
We are planning to build Both roofs with Clement & John. We also want to do what we can to help Evans. Please pray with us for all the resources to accomplish this work. Please Pray for our brothers and sisters who are following and serving our Lord in remote, Northern Ghana. Please pray for us to have HIS LOVE, wisdom and discernment.

In Him,
siham & gary

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Building for Eternity

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