Dear Friends,
We had a wonderful time with our friends in Bolgatanga, Zwarango & Katanga.  We believe that pastors Solomon & Robert are serving and leading well.

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Solomon & Robert receiving the laptops (loaded with books and bible study software) that God provided through you.
We had a time of challenges & delays trying to leave for the north, we finally determined to leave on March 26,,, no matter what! That morning,,, the car would not start and we set off a couple hrs late; lost the alternator/fan belt, water pump, and a number of other issues along the way. BUT GOD carried, protected and sustained us! we SOMEHOW avoided a massive & devastating accident by a couple hrs or so. We Thank God.
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Roadside repairs – Rebuilding in Bolga; 2nd water pump in 2 weeks, timing belt, secondary oil pump, alternator wiring, radiator repairs, rebuilt fuel pump, glow plugs, control board, etc.
In recent weeks we’ve spent approx 70 hrs wrench’in. BUT GOD has built some new and wonderful friendships! It’s easy to behave and respond well in a church. BUT where the leather meets the road (the streets) that’s what counts. Please pray for us to Live it out. To preach the gospel at all times, in all places, whenever possible, and when necessary – use words!
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Clothing donations: We thank God for providing hundreds of shorts, dresses and clothing supplies.
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“God has made things right between He and us” – “We are free and it’s free” – “We can’t stop talking about what we’ve seen and heard.”
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“The word of God is the seed to the kingdom of God”
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Dinner and fellowship
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The Jesus film in the Local language. 8 new members at Katanga Church. The parents of the school children have come to together to build a local style cooking house to support the children and school. More of the parents are coming to church. A man who opposed the church and his own mother, (she’s now an elder in the church) is now attending church and has been with Solomon and the children for more than a week. Please pray for him, for his life to show the love and goodness of God to the surrounding communities.
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It is a difficult season for our friends in the north; food, medical needs and clothing are very real challenges. God used you to supply over 6,000 lbs of food supplies to the Katanga Church & school, the Bible college students & Mama Ladi’s children’s home; Rice, maze, millet, beans, gari, dried fish, salt, sugar, onion, pepper, etc… Solomon and the Church family were doing their best to feed the school children, they are now serving a daily lunch, the number of children continues to rise.

We will share more soon. Please pray with us:

Health care relief for Katanga. A mother and child can receive health care/insurance for just under $20.00 a year.
Support the children and school development,  feeding program/school staff.
Build bible college campus and Church
Micro finance for our friends to begin new businesses and attain education.

We are praying for lasting, sustainable and transferable models and solutions. We’ve seen that sometimes people just need benevolent help, often the Love of God is most clearly demonstrated by meeting us at our point of need and hurt. Many of our friends have suffered much in recent months. Please pray, Please consider coming over and see what God is doing and what He may invite you into.

In Him,
gary & siham

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Come and See,,, GOD is,,,

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