Dear Friends,We’ve just returned to Ogbojo in the south, from a wonderful time of impact, change and growth in the north. We served in Bolgatanga, Katanga, Zourango, Bongo and Vea. 4 communities came together and lived together for nearly 4 days in Katanga.

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We ate, learned, worshiped, relaxed and played together (Fellowship – A bunch of fellows in the same ship!)- In the church, under the trees and in neighboring compounds. We watched the Passion of The Christ film on an outdoor screen, good Friday night, the impact was profound,  many turned to Christ.
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The following week was a similar program for the Youth in another village area called Vea. We worked/served with some of our friends and partners and also a new team from the Catholic community. 428 youth gathered for a 4 day convention/program. They lived in a neighboring school, the classrooms served as big bedrooms. Many of the children and youth walked 5 – 6 hrs one way to be part of this outreach. There were no beds and almost no food, they were prepared to fast during the days. You provided the food for both programs, the feeding of approx 650 people, over 7 days ,,,    “Not a small thing”. The children were greatly encouraged and impacted by this provision! Those serving and cooking and the surrounding communities were also impacted.
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We had the privilege to share/teach/preach 12 times in the first 10 days of our 16 day visit and many additional meetings, times of fellowship and gatherings. We returned peacefully exhausted.
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It seemed like God compressed time, multiplied efforts, resources and results! Our God is Amazing!!!
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Please pray for all the youth from the Vea outreach program. Everyone verbally and demonstratively accepted Christ. Please pray for “Good Soil”, for their protection and growth.
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We have much more to share about what “we have seen and heard”.

We will write again soon and share about; The new association of Churches which has now formed, about the upcoming work we believe God is leading us to do and facilitate and the many opportunities for you to get involved, the new Ghana NGO (Non profit, Non Gov. Organization) that God has put together  and granted us, called “Building For Eternity Foundation Ghana”, the Katanga Church school which is growing, health insurance assistance to our Katanga children, motorcycles that you’ve provided to our friends/partners, new internship/community service (humble servant-hood) that we are looking to adopt into Pastoral training. Jacob, a student/graduate has volunteered to serve with Solomon in the Church and school and is the first to begin. Please pray for true unity and life changing results for all involved.

Please pray about coming over for a visit/survey trip,,,
Please “come and see” what God is doing and how He may invite and use you to love, help, bless His children and grow His kingdom.

We “Go” because “HE Came”
We “Give” because “HE Gave”.

In Him,
gary & siham

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Easter 2011

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