Eight months? eight months into 2010…really?Gary just had a birthday … Really? Already?  “Lord, please teach us to number our days.”

Philip answered Him, “eight months wages would not buy enough bread for each one to have a bite!”
When Jesus asks for some initiative, some action to fill a need; Philip counts the cost, “eight months wages”.
Andrew minimizes & underestimates Jesus’ resources and potential. “5 small barley loaves & 2 small fish, how far will they go among so many?” One translation says “These for those?”

Our little, for their big need?  – What do you have? – give it, offer it, just Bring it! people will be fed and there will be leftovers … in every area of your life.

As God led us to build “in de bush” of Katanga, outside of Bolgatanga in the remote north of Ghana,,,we thought it might take eight months because of the remoteness,,, “and what about the money Lord, it’s not enough.” Well, you know the rest of the story,,, God blessed the completion of the work in remarkable time, stretched the resources beyond our comprehension and did far more work, at far less cost,,, with leftovers to share!!

God asked Moses, “what is in your hand?,,,throw it down.” He often asks us, “what is in your hand?” Are my hands open? what am i holding onto? Are my hands reaching for Him? For others? Are my hands available?

“Narrow is the path that leads to life.”

Thank you for praying for Pastor Solomon and our Katanga church. Shortly after completion of the church building, “wolves came in – to scatter”, even tried to take the church from them and remove Solomon. Not only has the church been protected from everything that came against them, the leader of the persecution came to church last Sunday and publicly apologized to them and asked for forgiveness. Only God can change a human heart!

“We bow our hearts, we bend our knees…Lord give us clean hands, give us pure hearts. Let us not lift our souls to another.”

Visiting at Solomons house

Peter and Jacob from village of life making cabinets for the children’s home. Another reminder, powered by “armstrong”

siham has arrived in MI. We thank God for a favorable report from the U of M. eye specialist!
gary is serving Kete Krachi and God willing will join siham at the end of the month.  Robert form Bolgatanga has joined us again in Krachi. Gary, Robert and Joseph are house mates. Joseph will be staying in Krachi for a while as he is now working with a new ministry called freedom stones. Working with the rescued children making jewelry and helping them learn to build a small business. We are currently serving and building at the village of life with our dear friends and  partners with the Touch A Life foundation. Peter from Krachi has been a great help to us and the men. Please keep these dear brothers in your prayers as they are following our Lord.

Our 6th grandchild is due to arrive in mid Nov.- 2 of our kids are relocating. It looks like we will be helping with some moving, adjusting, renovations, etc while in the states.
Please pray for us, as we are often moving from place to place. “Owning nothing, yet possessing everything.” Please let us know how you are and if we can connect while we are home.
Thank you for your love, prayers and partnership. May God bless you with more of Him and with open, joy filled, blessed hands!
In Him,
gary & siham

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Eight months

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