Life in recent weeks: Family, friends and grand kids

-Siham helped our Rob & Nicole and family with a house move/unpacking.
-Our Julien, Theresa & family moved from MI-NJ. We made a trip out to help/unpack.
-Re-roofed a friends house. Gary was gifted a Chaplain training school, travel and accommodations in NM.
-Visited our Chris & Ai in VA. (Our dear Ai accepted Christ.)
-6th grand child Sophie was born early, is now home and doing great.

Rode 4,400 miles on motorcycle, visited friends & partners in various states. (didn’t get rained on once, yeah God!)
God blessed us with wonderful places to stay, provision, love, fellowship and encouragement along the way through our dear friends and family.
We thank God for the motorcycle; The only thing we own other than some tools and personal items stored with a friend.

We thank God for the freedom & privilege He has given us to “Go” -“into the world and share Jesus” .
We continue to learn how to “let go”, as we have wrestled & grieved in new ways with feeling a bit more disconnected in the states, not having a house, furniture, car, income, etc.
We Thank God for you, our family and friends who have been so inviting, welcoming and good to us.

2 Corinthians 6:10 says – “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.”
God continues to teach us to be more secure in Him, as we grow less secure in this world. Secure and insecure at the same time…the paradox of truth.
Thank you so much for all you do to serve God. Encouraging and supporting us, as together we reach out to the poor, lost and suffering.

Please continue to pray with us: How to help our friends in the north and most effectively share God’s love with them. Please pray for us to know and follow God’s lead in everything. Also praying about serving opportunities in other area’s of the world.

Thank you again for your love and partnership. Thank you for giving while we are stateside. Thanks to our family and friends, our living expenses while stateside are minimal. God willing, we will soon purchase tickets for our return.
In Him,
gary & siham

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friends in Christ

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