Recent outreach efforts and events:

Showings of the Jesus film in local dialects’, passion of the Christ and other films.

Numerous salvations and baptism’s (21 Baptisms last Sunday). New Church plant and growth.


Tongo Hope church (just over 1 year old) members serving and leading the work of relational evangelism, volunteer service work and providing meals in a new community outreach. We began moving out into the community in teams, up to 40 people at times, currently we cannot provide enough transportation for all who want to serve in this way. This new community began asking us when we would start a church. We called a meeting to discuss this with them, and the people came out in their numbers. We spoke about what they had been seeing and experiencing with us – that this is the church; the church of Jesus is a family and His body on earth, etc. Tongo Hope church members gave testimonies of how our Lord and the church have transformed their lives and how they have abandoned ancestor and idol worship. A new church began that day – with amazing love, unity, worship and excitement. Disciples making disciples. The next weeks meeting brought the chief and the elders.

Please pray for Hope Tongo and the Balungu church families.

God is always working – inviting us to join Him in His activity!

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