Thank you for all your prayers and kind words of encouragement and comfort.

    Gary Sr. was in the hospital when we took a difficult decision for gary to return to Ghana. At that time the medical team felt that dad would have a measure of recovery, that his condition wouldn’t change rapidly, and that there would be time for decisions. After arriving in Ghana, dad was diagnosed as terminal. Dad and the family agreed that he did not not want to continue on breathing support. The next day, June 1, he entered hospice care, support was removed and a few hrs later he crossed over from death to life.

Recent days in Northern Ghana:

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    -Started a Bldg project with/for a new ministry, baptized their oldest daughter while they were here from the U.S.
    -2 outreach evenings with Jesus films – many decisions for Christ.
    -Growth surge in Tongo Church    
    -Pastor Roderick & Elton (CYI) are up with us from Accra for a week, as we work/plan with Daniel and the new Tongo Church in multiplying disciples. (teams from Accra begin coming in July)
    -Provided our brother Peter with a new motorcycle as the one he received last year was used heavily for a bldg project. Peter donated used one to another brother.

Thank you again for your loving kindness,


gary & siham

June 2014

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