We have now relocated “home base” near Bolgatanga in northern Ghana. We are close to both Burkina Faso to the north and Togo to the east.

We are also close to Pastors Solomon, Clement, John, Edmund, Emmanuel, Wilson, schools and other churches we are partnered with.
Pastor Robert and the West African Bible Institute are within walking distance.

    –  We are praying, preparing and planning for next year and traveling/serving in the countries to the north.

                           Please pray with us about this expansion into “new fields”
Awesome time at conference/Church environments with friends at the Kumasi University.
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Over 800 amazing students and future leaders.
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Mission team – send off/commissioning:
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We thank God!
Please pray for our brothers and sisters at the Campus Christian Fellowship. The future leaders of Ghana, the Church and the Mission.
We love you,
gary & siham

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