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Our brother Kofi is a gifted musician and worship leader.

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We’ve known Kofi for five years. He has served in an impoverished area for nine years. He leads seven churches.

Buildings have been constructed by the churches over the last five years. One of the churches was roofed six months ago.

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We spent a day with Kofi and three of his church leaders visiting the communities they serve.

Our outreach team (Kingdom Collaboration team) – Daniel (Hope Kaare), Roderick (CYI Accra), Peter (Volta region), Clement & Edmund (Bolgatanga & Zuarangu), Samuel from Burkina Faso and gary.

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Kofi and our brothers in one of the churches.

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The one church that has been roofed. The cost to roof was $900.00

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We were all humbled and encouraged by our brother Kofi’s endurance and faithfulness. Everyone was touched and inspired by the continuous and contagious joy he always has. None of the brothers except gary had ever visited his area or seen his ministry first hand. They knew Kofi from our outreach collaborations in other areas and various training environments over the years. Some of the team said they grieved and repented for complaining about difficulties in their ministry environments.

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Eating dinner at Kofi’s house. How sweet it is to break bread (and bones) with good brothers.


Our “Big” Brother!

Please pray with us for the provisions to help these communities with the materials for their church roofs.

They have done all that they can do, how can “we help to wash their backs”, where they cannot reach?

We always look for sustainable and transferable ministry investments – Along with that – Our Lord said that we would always have the poor among us. We are literally called to help and serve the poor.

“How can the love of God be in us, if we see a brother in need and do nothing to help him.”

Please pray and ask God, “what would you have me to do?”

Thank you,

gary & siham

The Right Hand of Fellowship

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