Dear Friends,

Recently, you helped complete both Pastor John & Clements Church buildings. We continue to thank God, and you for your sacrifice and partnership.
“Out of the most severe trial,,, – welled up in rich generosity,,, even beyond their ability,,, – sharing in this service to the saints.” 2 Corinthians 8The day we began the work on Pastor John’s Church, we got he news that our rented place in the south, outside of Accra had been broken into. Our friends Gaby & Jenan stopped by the house, and it seems that they interrupted the burglary. We and our neighbor (duplex housing) were being robbed simultaneously. We thank God that the damage was minimal, some of our things were found in the backyard and all we lost was a dvd player and a pair of shoes. A dozen burglaries were reported in our neighborhood in the same week. We thank God for His protection and for great friends who have been so good to us.

Purchasing materials for church, unloading with John, with John & some of the men.
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Working & hanging out at the Church site.

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Nearing completion, starting to celebrate.


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A few weeks after completing John’s Church, a strong storm destroyed the roof of the land owner, who gave permission to use some of his property for the church bldg.
The church body came together and were able to donate metal roofing sheets towards rebuilding the land owners roof.
The land owner was so touched, that he gave full legal ownership of the property to the Church!
This is huge! Land ownership – issues, purchasing, monies, etc, are complicated and often very divisive in Ghana. Giving land ownership for free is nearly unheard of. The Church family is doing well, loving those outside the church.

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Pastor John & Joseph. Joseph often serves with us in the north, he was with us in Kete Krachi in 2010
Joe’s been serving with us since 2009. He is a great worship leader and he continues to be a great help to us.

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Pastor John & his family live a substantial distance from the Church. The Church family wants to build them a house on the property. Please pray with us about helping them with this project. They can do most of the building structure, with their labor and natural materials. Money for wood and roofing is often out of reach for our northern friends.


Pastor John works at the supply store (picture above). He makes no salary, hourly or daily wage. He makes something small from each bag of cement he is able to load and/or off load, which is not everyday. He draws no salary from the Church family. He says that he will not put or add burden to his people who are struggling. We have seen John display great compassion, generosity and servanthood to the Church family he leads. He had a job with a bus company, that would not allow him to be at church on Sunday mornings, he left that job 2 years ago.
We share this to give you a fresh picture of how some of our African brothers and sisters are living, following and serving Christ.

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We recently visited friends from the Crossroads Church in Grass Lake CA., who opened their hearts and homes to us.


Jeff, Rich & Linda, Pastors Ed & John


Friends at The Crossing Church in Las Vegas NV donated books, music, bible study material, etc, for the cyi college youth/ministry we are serving with outside of Accra.
Another friend provided a projector for them as well.

Thank you for your love, friendship and support.
“I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you,
I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” Philippians 1

gary & siham

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